25 Recruitment Firms in Breach of Auto-Enrolment Legislation

25 Recruitment Firms in Breach of Auto-Enrolment Legislation

A total of 25 UK-based recruitment firms have breached pensions auto-enrolment legislation.

The Pensions Regulator recorded the breaches between 1 October 2012 – when the legislation was first introduced – and 30 April this year.

Warning letters were issued in 16 cases, while the remaining nine were dealt with through “informal action”, designed to educate and enable the employers to comply with their duties. No details were given of the specific cases but poor record keeping, a lack of communication and encouraging or coercing workers to opt out of a pension scheme can all constitute as being in breach of the legislation.

At HEADS we’ve a specialist team dedicated to legislation compliance ensuring that all the correct procedures are followed at all times. All our consultants are fully versed with Pension Auto Enrolment Legislation and should you have any concerns relating to your existing temporary workforce, please feel free to contact our Compliance Manager, Patrick Ramsdale, on 0161 746 3321.


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