5 easy steps to on-boarding workforce success

5 easy steps to on-boarding workforce success

Did you know one out of every 25 employees quits on their very first day!

As a supply chain manager, you can build the best business, but if your team are not on board it is as useful as an empty warehouse. The success of your business is based directly on your team, their loyalty, engagement and overall productivity.

Employee on-boarding sets the tone for their experience with the company. Make this process memorable for all the right reasons.

So, what can you do to avoid turning off your new employees and ensuring a productive on-boarding experience?

Here are our easy steps to on-boarding success:

1. Pre-Boarding.

Your new employee is excited and engaged about their new position. Before they start send them a short email personally welcoming them to the company and let them know who they report to. In addition to this get them to fill out the administration paperwork online before they start. This will allow for a more productive first day.

2. Introductions.

Nobody wants to feel like just another cog in the wheel, or that on-boarding them is chore. Get to know your new employee and importantly introduce them to their new colleagues. Make those first conversions a bit less awkward.

3. Prep their space.

Whether they have a desk, a locker or a set of keys to the truck, it’s important to get this ready for their first day. It’s easy to get distracted with your own workload but preparation is key. Nothing says we weren’t ready for you like your new employee waiting around.

4. Expectations.

Let your new employee know and understand what their specific responsibilities are and how they will be contributing to the company. A great way to encourage engagement is to explain why you need them.

5. Have the work ready.

It may seem simple but you would be surprised how many companies are un-prepared for their new employees. Having work ready on the first day makes them feel like they are already contributing. The on-boarding process does take time, but follow our steps and you’ll feel great knowing you’ve put your new employee on the path to success.

What next, you’ve completed your on-boarding, it was a triumph – great. Don’t lose memento – people don’t leave companies, they leave managers!

Retain your strong workforce by continuing to build on those new relationships. Check in with your new employees, talk to them, get to know them, ask for feedback and most of all create a good working environment.


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