Are you prepared for peak season?

Are you prepared for peak season?

As the preparation for peak season begins we want to assist businesses with our expert advice. We understand peak season is crucial for success – it can deliver between 30% and 50% of annual sales revenue.

At HEADS we work with our clients and temporary workers to support their needs to ensure an effective and profitable peak period.

Here are our four key methods for success:

#1 Effective Communication

As a recruitment partner we listen, understand and work collaboratively with businesses during the planning stage to develop a action plan.

#2 Proactivity

Each and every client’s needs are different, we start to recruit weeks in advance to maintain a pool of inducted labour ready candidates for any requirement.

#3 Candidate Engagement

It doesn’t just end when a candidate is placed! At HEADS we hold weekly surgeries, this improves morale and retention. Our in-house payroll looks after the candidates and ensures they are paid correctly and on time.

#4 24/7 Support

Our clients don’t work 9am-5pm Monday – Friday so neither do we! We work to fit around you offering 24/7 support to clients is crucial during peak.

If you are looking for additional external support for peak then please contact either:

Or visit for further support.


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