Fancy a kick about?

Fancy a kick about?

So, we’ve played one, won one – lined up more games against current clients, and sorted ourselves out with a great new strip!

In 2015 we’re looking to line up more fixtures across the North West and Yorkshire and should interest in this grow further, may look at hosting an inter-client tournament towards the summer months. You don’t have to be an existing client, we’ll play against any business across the above named territories! Makes us sound a little confident doesn’t it?!

If you have an internal football team, or fancy having a kick about after work one evening to generate a bit of employee engagement, please email or phone 07551 123547 and we’ll make the arrangements!

With our second match lined up for Wednesday 19th November against SWI, we’re hoping to retain our 100% winning streak! Although, as I┬átype this we are facing injury problems not too dissimilar from Luis Van Gaal… Fingers Crossed!



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