Forced labour is on the rise

Forced labour is on the rise

Recent news articles are highlighting the increase in forced labour within the UK.

The Salvation Army has reported 1800 cases of Human Trafficking since 2011, 42% of which were relating to forced labour – a figure higher than that of Sexual Exploitation and Domestic Servitude.

As well as holding our appropriate GLA Licence and SEDEX membership HEADS Recruitment are registered with Stronger Together ( a network for employers, labour providers, workers and their representatives to work together to reduce exploitation.

By being a part of this network, HEADS Recruitment are extra vigilant in monitoring such things as:

  1. a candidates behaviour during the interview process
  2. checking that multiple candidates (4+) aren’t trying to register with us from the same address
  3. application forms aren’t all completed in the same handwriting

So on and so forth – anything that triggers a Red Flag to us is reported to the appropriate authorities.

As the end user of Labour provision – do your due diligence and help stop this exploitation from growing further.

If you wish to contact us discreetly for a Free Compliance Healthcheck, please contact Patrick Ramsdale on 0161 746 8811 or email

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