HEADS held in Runcorn

HEADS held in Runcorn

On Wednesday night HEADS were held to a controversial 5-5 draw against Sportswear International (SWI) in Runcorn.

The night started with SWI presenting HEADS with their new White and Blue kit which they had worked hard to get together in time for the big game. An excellent service and highly recommended.

Due to the standard traffic issues that occur when you have to be somewhere, HEADS had to start the game without Liam “The Cat” Caulfield, with Chris Woodburn taking on the Goalkeeping duties for the opening 5 minutes.

The game started as it meant to go on, end to end action and HEADS ended up going 3-1 up after Darren Martlew opened up the scoring on 10 minutes. SWI didn’t give up and absolutely peppered the HEADS goal with attempts on target, and if it wasn’t for the reflexes of our Man Of The Match, Liam Caulfield, it would have been a completely different story.

Controversy came 5 minutes from the end when an SWI attempt was ruled out due to the striker being in the box, at a time when the game was 4-4. SWI went 5-4 up with 2 minutes remaining, but HEADS unbeaten record was restored when James Knight-Gregson levelled the scores in the dying seconds on his debut.

Ian Forster of SWI said “I’ll take the draw, that keeps my unbeaten managerial record at Won 1, Drawn 1”

HEADS manager Juan Lordes (Jon Lord) declined to comment following the game, it’s since been understood he’s blaming problems in the defence and exposure on the left side leading to leaked, unnecessary goals. Our sources understand he’s making a play to reintroduce Steven Jakara into his squad.

New fixtures are currently being arranged, and if you wish to get your company involved please email either jon.lord@heads-uk.com or darren.martlew@heads-uk.com

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