Top tips on how to attract the right candidates

Top tips on how to attract the right candidates

For any employer going through hundreds of applications can be an expensive and time consuming task.

Receiving large numbers of applications does not necessarily mean you are attracting the right candidates. We understand that this can be a difficult and what may feel like a near impossible task. To help you with this process we are sharing with you our top tips on how to attract only the best candidates for your job role.

#1 Don’t wait for them to find you.

Why limit your options to candidates who are actively looking for work? There could be people suited to your role in disappointing jobs. Identify these people, reach out, and engage with them.

#2 Training and Knowledge.

You need to offer appropriate training programs that will provide them with the skills to succeed and develop within your sector. This gives them the chance to refine existing skills and helps the candidates feel that not only are they essential but that their development is important to you.

#3 Company Values.

Do you have any? If you do talk about them, demonstrate what is important to your people and your business. Company values allow candidates to feel more connected, and enables them to know if they will fit into your environment.

#4 Benefits of the role.

If your business can offer benefits like extended annual leave, flexible working hours, health care, discounts or any other perks, highlight these. Offering these as an alternative to a competitive salary is beneficial but also rewarding your staff will demonstrate their significance.

#5 Competitive Salary.

Offering a competitive salary will determine who will apply. You face competition from competitors so be sure you are offering the most you can. A competitive salary makes candidates feel as if their work will be appreciated and respected therefore ensuring they will work hard for you.

At HEADS we are experts in attracting the right candidates. We become part of your business so we are able to communicate and demonstrate your requirements. For more information or to discuss any current or pending vacancies within your team, then please contact either:

Darren Martlew: call. 07734 870905 email.

Chris Holland: call. 07944 497933 email.


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