How to retain a reliable workforce

How to retain a reliable workforce

Clients tell us that turnover of their temporary workforce is the Number One reason for considering different suppliers.

Two things disrupt daily workflow:

  1. Turnover, and
  2. Training new people.

And they’re the reasons why many senior managers are looking at better ways to recruit and keep talent in the business.

Experienced in this sector, our team ensures a recruitment process that:

  • Reduces turnover
  • Increases retention, and
  • Encourages experienced staff to stay.

There are 6 stages to success and they are:

Stage 1.Gain job knowledge

In order to gain a full understanding of your requirements we arrange for a HEADS consultant to work on site with you for a specific period of time. We talk to candidates about the job roles and vacancies and, knowing exactly what you require, it helps the candidate prepare more thoroughly for interview.

Stage 2.Prepare advert

Based on the knowledge gained in stage 1, we devise a bespoke job advertisement focused on factors such as experience required, duties, shifts, pay rates etc. We recruit on a bespoke basis to meet exact requirements, carefully matching candidates to a role. This raises both quality and retention throughout the recruitment process and avoids ‘placing a round peg in a square hole’.

Stage 3.Site tours

We highly recommend a site tour. Allowing candidates to see the job first-hand helps them decide whether it is right for them. If not, we continue with our search.

Stage 4.Appraisals

HEADS set up individual candidate KPI reporting, to be conducted at weeks 4, 8 and 12. This makes sure all our staff are performing well and developing during their first 12 weeks.

Stage 5.Incentivise

Based on individual KPIs, we have a selection of monthly incentives for our temporary workforce. We find it drives performance and improves workplace wellness.

Stage 6.Accurate payroll

Paying staff correctly and on time reduces the chances of losing valuable temporary workers. HEADS has an in-house payroll team of 6 experienced staff who pride themselves on the service they deliver. They are always on hand to offer advice and help our candidates and clients.

If you would like to discuss how to retain staff effectively please call Darren Martlew or Lewis Robinson on 01706 390244 


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