Our Approach

Supply Chain Specialists

As workforce experts in the supply chain life-cycle, we understand the needs of industry for sustainable growth. We know that minimising human capital expense, whilst optimising workforce performance is the key to your success.

Our approach is different

As your trusted workforce partner, your business will benefit from our consolidated ‘one-stop-shop’ service schedule. From the outset, we ensure your temporary and permanent workforces are integrated, on-board and focused on achieving a range of key performance targets.

Our total focus is to deliver head-count cost efficiencies for your business whilst also increasing retention, quality and productivity figures. Our full suite Recruitment Process Outsourcing service enables your management resources to focus on achieving strategic growth, whilst your trusted workforce partner delivers a workforce that hits your targets.

Experience shows us that an on-board workforce is a productive workforce.

An integrated solutions provider

Through ongoing consultation and regular management reports, we’re able to ensure our recruitment services become an integral and integrated process in your business.

Designed to always meet or exceed your expectations, our account management service delivery is designed to support your progress towards growth.

We have considerable experience and expertise in the provision of onsite recruitment support aswell as supporting clients to establish new manufacturing and distribution facilities. Our workforce integration and development model provides support for, and extension to your HR function.

Pro-active to understand your operational challenges, we’re also able to provide clients with a range of support services to manage legislative and audit compliance.

A progressive workforce

Experience shows us that an on-board workforce is a productive workforce. As such, we provide clients with tailored induction and training solutions including pre and post placement progression to agreed qualified assessment levels.

Developing your variable workforce ensures that whilst maintaining efficient head-count numbers, you’re also able to achieve strategic objectives in productivity, accuracy and quality control. It also places you in a much stronger position to promote outstanding temporary staff to your permanent positions in the future.

Our core functions:

  1. Recruitment
    The correct identification of requirements and screening of candidates to fulfill expectations
  2. Assessment & Integration
    Successful on-boarding programs developed for an integrated and committed workforce
  3. Performance Development
    Identifying key performance indicators and developing a progressive workforce
  4. Compliance Management
    A spectrum of active compliance management services