Sick days at a record low

Sick days at a record low

The number of work days lost through sickness is at a record low, says industry body the EEF.

The survey of 330 firms over the past two years showed overall levels of absence reached a record low of 2.1%, equal to 4.9 days per worker per year.

Although short-term absences have fallen, long-term illnesses have risen – with nearly two fifths of companies saying long term absence has increased in the last two years.

The EEF says manufacturers are increasingly investing in absence management and paying for treatment.

Professor Sayeed Khan, Chief Medical Adviser at the EEF, said: “Driving down absence rates, helping more employees return to work earlier and, encouraging their wellbeing is critical for our economy.

“But, despite employers increasing investment in managing sickness absence and, providing their employees with more health related benefits, the improvement in overall absence rates has more or less now plateaued.”

Image courtesy of Flickr user RLHyde

SOURCE: HR Grapevine 16.06.2014


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