Top 5 tips on hiring the right candidates for seasonal work

Top 5 tips on hiring the right candidates for seasonal work

Hiring temporary workers for peak season is different from hiring permanent workers.

Seasonal workers have to know the job and have the skills required. You need them to start working in your business with little or no additional training.

Read our #HEADSTopTips this month on how to make sure you choose the right people for you.

#1 Start sourcing now.

Is October is too early to start sourcing your seasonal workers?. You should definitely be posting positions now. The earlier you start the wider the selection of good candidates (who themselves are looking for a role to suit them). You can then choose the most suited to your requirements.

#2 Write a specific job description.

To make sure the right candidates are applying for your positions, it is important to have a clear job description. Provide full and relevant details, list your expectations and all the skills required.

#3 Check references.

It is in your best interest to always check a candidate’s reference. As with permanent employees, you need to confirm that they have the skills, professionalism and attitude you require to work for you.

#4 Hire for attitude as much as ability.

A reliable workforce is as important as a skilled one. It is essential that the temporary workers you hire are flexible, dependable and remain focused throughout.

#5 Sell your seasonal job.

Communicate to your candidates what makes your company a great place to work. Do you offer employees more money if they work overtime or night shifts? Perks offered can be a great way to entice the best candidates.

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