Top tips on how to manage your supply chain recruitment.

Top tips on how to manage your supply chain recruitment.

Supply chain recruitment is an essential part of your business. Understanding your recruitment needs as and when required is vital.

This month as the competition for talent is at its highest we are looking at how you can recruit effectively.

1 # Communication

Regular communication is key, you would be surprised about how many companies fail to keep an open dialogue. This allows your recruitment partner to keep up to date with what is required at all times.

2# Relationships

Source an agency that has a thorough understanding of your business, culture, values and objectives. It is vital to understand how your business functions and specifications they are recruiting to secure the right candidates.

3# Development

Develop a plan of training and skill development across jobs to improve capabilities. Identify key performance indicators and develop a progressive workforce

4# Nurture

Nurturing talent development is critical, finding specific skills is one of the biggest challenges you can face today. It can be more difficult, time consuming and costly to find and train a replacement that requires an understanding of your business processes.
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