Transport Case Study

Transport Case Study

A leading 3rd party UK logistics business providing nationwide dedicated and shared user warehousing and distribution solutions.

Their Oldham operation provides storage and logistics services to two key client brands, each with high expectations and time critical operations with their production schedules. Historically they had multiple providers supplying drivers due to availability issues within the sector. However, this caused continual issues in the quality of support they were receiving from their suppliers, suffering missed shifts and furthermore this caused significant issues in the supply chain.

“Since forming a partnership with HEADS, the team has responded quickly to our needs which is a must within our industry, fulfilling 100% of pre-booked shifts across days, nights and weekends for our 24/7 operation. The standard of driver is very high and again this is a must as they are the ambassador of our operation – the first person the customer will see. HEADS proactive approach has always ensured the highest calibre of personnel are placed into our operation.”

“In summary, HEADS understand the constraints of the industry and the importance of legislative compliance and driver well-being. Since working with HEADS we have successfully taken on drivers as direct employees of GBD which has taken away the need to advertise and interview directly, saving time and allowing focus on delivering our high standards of service to our Client.”


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