Workforce Management Solutions to Shape Your Success

Workforce Management Solutions to Shape Your Success

Workforce planning is the process of analysing an organisation’s future needs for people in terms of numbers, skills and locations.

It allows the organisation to plan how those needs can be met through recruitment and training.

Positions become available for various reasons when a company opens new facilities, when employees leave the company or even get a promotion.   New positions can also become available as companies change processes and technology

Recruiting for these roles successfully involves attracting the right standard of applicants to apply for vacancies.

Firstly you will need to define a person specification.  This sets out out the skills, characteristics and attributes that a person needs to do a particular job.

Next you need to create a job description, it is vital that this identifies the role and responsibilities whilst containing enough information to attract suitable people.  This also acts as a checking device to make sure that applicants with the right skills are chosen for interview and it sets a target and standard for job performance.

Together, job descriptions and person specifications provide the basis for job advertisements. They help job applicants and post-holders know exactly what is expected of them.

How to recruit?

Internal Recruitment

This is a process that lists current employees looking for a move, either at the same level or on promotion. If there are no suitable people in your talent pool you will need to look externally.

External Recruitment

For harder-to-fill, temporary or more specialist jobs, you can advertise externally: through your website and offline media through television and radio through industry specific recruitment agents

Once you have a number of candidates the selection process involves choosing the most suitable people, whilst keeping to employment laws and regulations. Screening candidates is a very important part of the selection process. This ensures that those selected for interview have the best fit with the job requirements.

Workforce planning is vital if a business is to meet its future demands for staff. It allows a business time to train existing staff to take on new responsibilities and to recruit new staff to fill vacancies or to meet skill shortages.

How HEADS can help?

As your strategic workforce partner HEADS work in conjunction with you to support your business growth through a broad range of services including; legislative compliance, workforce training and performance development. Through our integrated, flexible and tailored service structure, we’re able to streamline your labour costs, improve quality, increase productivity and minimise compliance risk.


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