Planning Your Recruitment Spend for 2017

Planning Your Recruitment Spend for 2017

As we enter a new year, the time has come to plan your recruitment for 2017.

Now is often a good time to reflect on last year’s recruitment campaigns and methods and adjust your recruitment strategy accordingly, to ensure every chance of success in 2017. Here’s a guide to making a plan.

1) Review

Before making any plans for 2017, you need to take stock and think about what you’ve achieved over the past year. Did you accomplish everything that you set out to? What methods of recruitment proved successful for you? You should start to notice some patterns. For example, if your recruitment spend is higher but your vacancy-fill rate is lower, you might need to look closer at your recruitment strategy and cut out any sources that aren’t delivering quality candidates to you. Now is a great time to review your agency partners. Reflecting on the progress that you’ve made over the past year will help you to set your goals going forward and should give an indication of how much you’re likely to achieve.

2) Plan Your Organisational Structure/Potential Vacancies

Forward planning on this is essential. Of course there are always going to be unplanned vacancies that arise, but these become far easier to handle if you can plan the other areas effectively. Is there a particular role/department set for growth through 2017? Have you discussed any potential vacancies with your agency partners to help them plan accordingly? Have you got all job specifications up-to-date? Spending time now on this will make your recruitment both more time-efficient and cost-effective this year.

3) Think About Your Processes

Is your recruitment process as efficient as it could be? If not, it’s worth considering ways to make it more streamlined. Whether there’s a member of your team who is holding up the vacancy approval process, or you’re finding it difficult to manage your incoming applications via spreadsheets and email, it’s important to think of ways to tackle this. The marketplace is competitive, so ensuring that candidates have a good experience throughout the process, whilst also ensuring this process is timely will improve your offer-to-acceptance rate.

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