Top Tips on choosing between two of the best candidates

Top Tips on choosing between two of the best candidates

Nobody wants to make the wrong decision when recruiting. There are times you’ll be in the great position that there isn’t just one suitable candidate for the role, there’s a few.

This month our #HEADSTopTips covers how to pick between two, equally capable, candidates to ensure you get the very best person for the job.

1# Ask them directly why they should be chosen

By asking the vital question to why they should be hired, you’ll determine who is actually more motivated than the other, as-well-as what qualities would they each bring to the team. A good candidate should be able to ‘sell’ themselves to you.

2# Ask your colleagues’ opinions

Even if colleagues are not present at the interview, discuss with them the candidate’s skills and what they would bring to the team. They’ll provide insight into which they think would fit best within your workforce.

3# Company culture

Do you think one candidate would fit in better within your team than the other? If so, why? It may be their personality is more suited to your company’s culture.

4# Commitment

One of the most pleasing attributes a candidate can have is commitment, it’s definitely one of the thing’s to consider when hiring. If they’re passionate and want to succeed for themselves it shows they are driven and will commit to your business. Ask yourself, how did they speak about their career aspirations? At HEADS we are experts in attracting the right candidates. We become part of your business so we are able to communicate and demonstrate your requirements.

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